In this blog, we are going to explore the benefits of using CBD for hip pain.   Does it work?  What is the right approach for using CBD for hip pain?   Read on and learn…

A number of years ago a pain in my right hip was so severe it kept me up at night.  I noticed that if I decreased the intensity of my workouts, the pain would lessen but never really leave.  Every time I went back to my old exercise routine, the pain was exacerbated.  Eventually, the pain became relentless; I would literally walk around holding my hip joint, shifting from one side to the other. I lost count of my many sleepless nights, constantly trying to find a comfortable position.

I was just past fifty years (although honestly, people took me for someone in her thirties) and have always been active. It was difficult for me to accept that some of my favorite exercises like skiing and bike riding with my husband were no longer options.  I needed to find a way to soothe my pain without using pharmaceutical pain relievers. I’d been taking them for a while and was starting to have some negative reactions. Have you ever really read those warning labels and the side effects?  They are PRETTY scary!

My personal quest began. On my mission to find a natural, holistic approach to pain management, a friend suggested I look into the healing properties of the cannabis plant – which led me to CBD for hip pain.  It was available in so many forms – capsules, creams, topicals, bath salts, and “tinctures” (I found out tinctures are just drops you put under your tongue – can’t they just call them drops!)

So … what the heck is CBD and can I use CBD for Hip Pain?   Does it mean “Cash Before Delivery, Can’t Be Demoted, Call Back Dammit!?”  CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant. We’ve all heard of the cannabis plant, right? Marijuana – pot – Mary Jane – reefer – you get the point. BUT … do you know, for example, that there are different types of cannabis plants? One is the hemp plant, and it’s from this plant that we get rope, twine, fabric, and many other common products. So it turns out, there’s more to the cannabis plant than the properties that make us high. MUCH MORE.  

CBD is an important chemical compound within the plant that does NOT get you high. The confusion around this distinction has kept this miracle plant a secret for far too many years and from way too many people.  Thankfully, scientists around the world are debunking the myths and working to explore the many health benefits of CBD and its ability to treat so many varied illnesses, including pain, inflammation, seizure disorders, anxiety and much more.

Would CBD work for me?  How do I take CBD?   What CBD should I use? I began researching and found that not all CBD products are created equal – or even manufactured well.  The term ‘buyer beware’ was everywhere (and still is, but that’s a story for another blog post!). CBD is the new buzzword, and my doctors know little about it.  So I continued researching, tried many brands, and even used my friends and family as other guinea pigs. I was on a crusade to find CBD products that would work!

After trial and error, I began using CBD topical salves, roll-ons and massage oils to target the exact areas where my pain existed.  Sure enough, the topicals relieved my pain. I’d apply them a few times a day until the pain started slipping away from my pelvic region. I also started using it on other aching joints.   Now, my (once skeptical) husband even loves to use it and massages both his knees with CBD cream before and after his basketball games!

Today, I no longer ski, ride a bike or do things that directly stress my hip joints. I’m getting older – we all are – and I can’t live in denial. But, the silver lining is that I can walk for miles and miles, stand up longer than I can ever remember and am keenly aware of my posture as I go throughout my daily chores and work shifts.  CBD has changed how I feel. Now I keep my CBD essentials in a handy travel bag that can go where I go. I am proud to say I’ve shared my story with like-minded people who have witnessed, first hand, the benefits that CBD offers.