Knowing what to pack for a long summer trip can always be challenging. Knowing what CBD to pack can be a lifesaver!  My favorite (or best) CBD products are essential in what I call my “CBD Tool Kit”. My must haves consists of Wildflower CBD Capsules (to get a good night’s sleep), a Wildflower CBD Healing Stick (for my muscle aches after a day of touring), my Dr. Kerklaan CBD Natural Skin Cream (great for skin irritation and even sunburn), my Pure Patios CBD Transdermal Patch (a discreet lifesaver for pain) and my TruestYou Vape (to relax and reduce anxiety, plus it’s as natural as it comes and has 0 THC!).  Traveling with this group of cannabidiol products combined with my makeup bag and an exercise stretch band complete my needs.

Why use CBD capsules instead of oral drops.  First, capsules pack easily, you don’t have to worry about a leaky bottle, they are legal and discreet – next to my general vitamin supplements no one can suspect I’m taking anything but a handful of nourishing vitamins. At home, I prefer oral drops (Ananda Hemp 600 is my fav) because they absorb more quickly into my system and I am not locked into the exact mg amount in each soft-gel capsule.  If you are just starting with CBD it’s easiest to begin using drops so you can find your sweet spot. This means starting low and slow and gradually adding drops until you feel you’ve reached the most effective dose for you. If you prefer a capsule, start with 15mg of Ananda Hemp Softgel. Do note, it may take longer to feel the effect and metabolize capsules.

Oh, right, I forgot to mention the ‘it’ list of clothing and other accessories: I always travel with a black wrap, white and black tees, black dress, white jeans, and blue jeans. Trendy walking shoes, a linen scarf, sunglasses, small tote bag concealed in my cross body bag, hat, sunglasses, adaptors, and my favorite easy to wear jewelry including my Genifer M Modern 7 Cannabis Leaf Pendant. I limit everything to 1 large carry-on bag so I have no lost luggage! Just bring a little soap to hand wash your essentials!

If you are flying with CBD, check out the TSA CBD travel rules here.  

If you have other suggestions for traveling with CBD, please feel free to comment below and share your favorites!